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Top Four Reasons Why We Love to Transcribe Podcasts

We love to transcribe Podcasts here at Transcription City. Not only are they entertaining, but they can also be informative and thought provoking. As podcast cover pretty much any subject you can think of; from news and science to comedy and film we select transcriptionists who have experience transcribing in whatever the subject matter of the podcast is. Anyway, since we love podcast transcription so much, we thought we’d count the ways! So here are our top four reasons to love podcasts!

Podcast Transcription
We Love Podcast Transcription


Podcast Transcription is Informative

The first reason we love to transcribe podcasts, are because they are often very informative. It’s always interesting to learn new things and transcribing podcasts allows us to learn more about the subject matter discussed in the podcast. This also offers our podcast transcription clients an advantage, as it means we are easily able to write blog posts or articles for them (which is great for SEO) with this newfound knowledge – at a reduced cost!

Podcast Transcription makes Podcasts Accessible

Having a transcript to accompany your podcasts makes them more accessible. We think that everyone should be able to enjoy your podcasts, whether they are deaf, hard of hearing or simply do not like listening to podcasts. Here at Transcription City, we think podcasts should be accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy them.

Podcast Transcription is Current

Podcasts are regularly updated with new information and new ideas and this is one of the reasons we love to transcribe podcasts. In fact, we offer urgent transcription services for podcasters’ whose podcasts are so exclusive, that they wish to send their transcripts straight to the national newspapers. This is great for podcasts that contain either current affairs, political or celebrity interviews.

Podcast Transcription Sounds Great

We love transcribing podcasts because the sound is great. Podcasters are masters of recording great audio, they use high quality microphones, sound proof their recording studios and don’t mumble and talk over each other! In fact, if you are recording an audio or video file for transcription and would like to know how to make the best recording, we recommend that you mimic a podcaster; use the proper recording equipment and structure your recording so that it is constructive.
If you would like more information about our podcast transcription services, why not get in touch? We are happy to help with all your transcription needs and can match you with a transcriptionist who is familiar with the subject matter discussed in your podcasts. We are also happy to write and produce, blogs, articles or marketing material based around your podcasts if needed.

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