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What Is Paraphrased Transcription?

Paraphrased Transcription

When purchasing transcription services, one of the first and biggest questions is what style do you want your audio or video transcript to be typed in. Verbatim and intelligent verbatim are the most common but what about if you’re looking for something easier to read, something with a bit more pazzazz? Then paraphrased transcription may be just what you’re looking for, and here’s the lowdown on what it is.
When a video or audio transcript is typed verbatim, everything is included: every err, every ah, every repetition and every slur. As useful as this can be to some clients, it often doesn’t make easy reading and is not usually suitable for a completed ready to publish article.
Intelligent verbatim gives a much easier read. Repetitions, slurs, ‘urms’ and ‘ahs’ are all omitted and the transcript will be consequently easier to read and more suitable to be published or circulated, but still, you will find some transcription companies out there that will be willing to go that one step further.
Here, we have paraphrased transcription. Much like how intelligent verbatim omits some of the unnecessary words as read in a verbatim document, paraphrased transcription takes intelligent verbatim, tidies it up and makes it into an enjoyable, easily digestible read, ready for professional circulation. Most importantly, paraphrased transcription omits, edits and re-orders things that are said or written, without changing the meaning.
To clarify further, here’s an example of the difference:

Verbatim Transcription

Erm, well, I was looking, I mean I was thing about the best, (pause) the best way to get my interviews typed up and I decided to go to an, erm, outsource to a transcription services company and use their services.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

Well, I was looking and thinking about having my interviews typed up and I decided the best way would be to outsource to a transcription services company and use their services.

Paraphrased Transcription

I was thinking about the best way to get my interviews typed up, and I decided to outsource the work to a transcription services company.

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