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Meet Our Transcription Team

Meet Our Team – Helen Bruce

Video Transcription Helen Bruce
Video Transcriptionist Helen Bruce.

Meet our transcription team!

Helen Bruce
Job Title:
Video Transcriptionist.

Pitman Secretarial Diploma.
I have over 25 years’ experience as a secretary and audio typist.
I have a keen interest in history. I also like to spend my spare time reading or in the garden.
Why did you decide to join Transcription City?
I decided to work for this company because they are an extremely professional company who match their secretaries and transcriptionists to the kind of work that they are both experienced in and enjoy doing. This means that I can always give my all and have the confidence to know that I am doing a good job because I am given the opportunity to work to my strengths.
What do you enjoy about working for Transcription City?
I enjoy the freedom I get from working with them. They allow me to organize my workload so that I never have to feel pressured or overworked. I find that this helps me to really enjoy my job and give my all to every project. They are an extremely friendly company and have always made me feel as if I am part of their team.
I also enjoy the fact that within my specialist field of video transcription, I am able to transcribe a variety of different media. This includes, research and therapy sessions, staff training videos, video tutorials, film, television and of course online videos and YouTube. This means that I am never bored as I am always learning new things from the videos that I transcribe!
What are the main benefits for Transcription City clients?
Our company offers a fast turnaround for their client when needed. They will always go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are happy. They also have an extremely high level of security for client upload and are registered with the Data Protection Act.
From a video  point of view: As video transcription is a specialist and precise form of transcription; We can offer clients a specialist video transcriptionist who is able to transcribe their video in a variety of different ways. This includes, standard video transcription, timecoded video transcription and even timecoded video transcription with visual cues.
Not only is this type of transcription invaluable when it comes to SEO and the production of unique content. But it also opens up a great opportunity to cater to the needs of viewers who have hearing difficulties. Transcription that includes visual descriptions can also be used for people with visual impairments.
If you would like any further information about our video transcription services or any of the transcription services that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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