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June 29, 2012 Samantha

Meet Our Team – Tony Antoniou

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Transcription City Excel, PowerPoint and IT services

MS Office and IT Specialist – Tony Antoniou


Tony Antoniou .

Job Title:

MS Office/ IT specialist.


Formatting, design, layout and PowerPoint presentations.


BA (Hons) degree in Computer software systems.
AutoCAD design City and Guilds.
National Diploma in Graphic design and Desktop Publishing.


Over 15 years experience working with MS Office documents and PowerPoint presentations, specializing in design, layout and formatting.


Tenpin Bowling, movies and Cosmology.

Why did you decide to join Transcription City?

I joined Transcription City in January looking to take on some extra work in formatting Excel and Word documents; this also covered assembling PowerPoint presentations for various clients to begin with but has led to other more challenging projects.
Since that date I have also taken work like assembling high end presentations for prestigious clients globally sourced by Transcription city. It’s great working for Transcription City because the staff are always polite and friendly, and even though the work is online and not face-to-face, there is a really personal feel to the company. I also get to have full control and flexibility over my working hours, which is brilliant.

What do you enjoy about working for Transcription City?

Working for Transcription City as a freelance MS Office specialist has been a life changing experience for me as it has allowed me to work from a home office which means that I can structure my work day around other commitments such as family and keep my work-life balance to a level that best suits me.
An average day for me would consist of setting a planned schedule of work for the day, be it putting together a presentation for a global client, formatting Word documents for a local client or diagnosing technical issues within documents.
The work I choose to take is always scheduled for return by a certain time and date so I normally work within these parameters to make sure I meet all my deadlines and keep my clients happy. Prioritizing my workload is the key in this respect.

What are the main benefits for clients using Transcription City?

The main benefits for clients wishing to allocate work to Transcription city is that because Transcription city has so many qualified transcribers and specialists based all over the world and in many different fields, the turnaround times are quick and efficient which allows companies to do business in a much more cost effective way. There is also still a personal element to the work, as clients can be allocated their own typist for all work to establish a working relationship. Also, with so many transcriptionists, proofreaders and DTP and Office specialists working for Transcription City, there is always somebody available to take on work, come rain or shine.

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