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Online Video Subtitling and Online Video Captioning

Online video captioning and video subtitling services are one of the fastest growing subtitling services of recent times. The popularity of online video streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Vimeo and NowTV mean that many people are now watching their favourite programmes via VoD or video on demand services. Due to the popularity of online video streaming, online subtitling services are becoming more and more popular. This is enhanced by the fact that viewers are no longer required to watch video on TV and can also stream via their smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad or of course a smart TV. Due to the fact that online video content is available around the world, the need for online subtitling services is growing fast, alongside online video captioning for the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing impaired.

Subtitling Services and Online Video Captioning

Online Video Captioning Services, Online video subtitling servicesWe can currently provide subtitles that are compatible with VoD channels such as Netflix, Amazon video, YouTube, Vimeo and virtually any online video platform.

Which throws out the following questions…

Why Should I have Online Subtitles?

Online video subtitling is great for so many reasons. Many companies take advantage of the many benefits that online subtitling and online captioning offer in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation), which can bring them more viewers and more brand or company recognition. Alongside this, online captioning services are great for viewers who do not want to hear the sound or cannot hear the sound. Online subtitling services are brilliant for gaining worldwide viewership in the form of translated subtitles, meaning you do not have to speak or understand the source language spoken in the video.

What are the Benefits of Online Captions?

Well here’s just a few – online video captioning services promote accessibility for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, this is so important in terms of promoting awareness and providing the means for everyone to enjoy your video content. Translated subtitles allow your videos to be enjoyed worldwide without language barriers. Both subtitling and captioning can aid learning through the addition of sensory stimulation, so are great for educational videos. Subtitles also drive your SEO through the use of additional text that can be indexed by the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

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