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Virtual Assistant and Transcription Services During Flu Season

With winter almost upon us, many employers will find that they are faced with the extra pressure of finding cover to compensate for staff sickness and staff holidays. This can be extremely stressful, especially if find yourself swamped with extra work. One solution is to find cover by using a temp, but this can be time consuming and costly, so you might find that outsourcing your excess work to an online company offers a wider range of benefits.
One of the great things about using an online service is that you get exactly what you pay for. When a virtual assistant charges you an hourly rate, it is for hours spent working meaning that you are not paying for lunch breaks, holiday or sick days. There are also no hidden extras; as your assistant works from their own space, there are no costs for equipment, heating, lighting or office space.
Faster Turnarounds
Virtual assistants will often work out of hours and offer fast turnaround times. This means that projects will get finished quickly, meaning that you can meet tight deadlines with minimum stress or hassle.

Wider Range of Skills

Using an online Virtual assistant or transcription service company offers clients the opportunity to work with a range of virtual assistants with experience and expertise in different fields and industries. This means that you can use them for a variety of projects, with the knowledge that you are in skilled hands. For example, here at Transcription City, we are able to offer transcription services, file conversions, document formatting, subtitling, virtual PA services and more, all from one place.
Once you make the decision to use a virtual assistant service, we think that you’ll find that the advantages are outstanding. If you would like to know more about the online secretarial services we offer, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and are always happy to help.

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