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Note Taking Services and Secretarial Services

We know that when it comes to note taking or in-house secretarial services, you need to be able to rely on your chosen company to have lots of experience in your industry, arrive on time, have their own equipment and look neat and tidy.

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Our Note Taking Services

It is 03.45am on a Monday morning. I am about to get ready to start my day knowing I am having to travel halfway up the country in the pouring rain. I wake, grab some breakfast, shower and leave the house. I had arranged for a cab to pick me up – it was late. Knowing my train was at 05.13am I was now panicking! I cannot be late, otherwise I will miss my connection to the destination, on this occasion it was Wiltshire. The cab arrived at 05.02am then the journey to the train station, we arrived 05.11am, cab driver having £10 thrown at him then me running like a mad woman to platform 5! I made it! JUST!

I took my seat, popped my headphones on and sat comfortably for the 30-minute trip into London. Then across London – which was, by far easier than my initial trip earlier that morning!

Arriving at London, Waterloo…. There was a strike on! However, the day was to be kind as my service was still running (much like me earlier that morning!).

I settled into my seat and began my preparation as the journey was longer to my destination. Making sure I was well prepared the night before for the events ahead, familiar with the notes I was given and the research I had done on the company and the meeting content well beforehand.

The topic was a Tribunal with multiple attendees and no recording of the hearing allowed – this was going to be tough on my fingers, but was a doddle after all the years of experience and training I have racked up. The hearing commenced bang on time, we heard from all parties and some five hours later we then concluded.

I spent an additional hour tidying my notes and ensuring clarity, then returned to the client by the time I joined the train back to London. But guess what – the strike was still in place. So I boarded the service, sat down and let out an almighty sigh – dreading the wait and indeed the journey.

No sooner had I sat down, sighed and indeed contemplated what I was doing, the Guard came to me and said, “I can see you are working; would you like to sit in 1st Class”. I replied, “I would indeed, that is most kind of you”.

I spent the journey back to London in comfort, warmth and most importantly Wi-Fi. 

The day went on without issue, delay or further impact to me. The client received the work within the timeframe (early in fact). Outlined is a true recount of an “average” day in the life of a note taker – the work is fun, challenging and most of all varied. I love it. Would you??

Note Taking Services and More

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