Note Taking Companies – What to look for in a Note Taking Company

December 21, 2017 Samantha

As well as providing expert transcription services, here at Transcription City, we also offer professional note taking services, live transcription services and minute taking services. With that in mind we thought we’d go through some of the factors that contribute to making the best note taking company. transcription services, translation services, subtitling services, note taking company, closed captioning services, video transcription services

Note Taking Company – Confidentiality

When selecting a note taking company an important factor to consider would be the level of confidentiality and security of data that they offer. This can be especially significant when dealing with meetings or events that are legal or medical in nature. We recommend that you discuss your needs with your chosen note taking company to establish what measures are in place in terms of disclosure.

Note Taking Company – Experience

Experience is so important when it comes to selecting a note taker through a note taking company. Not only should they have prior knowledge and training in your field or industry, but they should also have adequate experience and training taking notes and minutes in real time.

Note Taking Company – Deadlines

Note taking companies should always have guidelines to ensure that deadlines are met. This includes making sure that note takers arrive early in order to set up before the event and also to ask any questions with regards to the meeting itself and familiarise themselves with any new notes or changes to the meeting agenda.

Note Taking Company – Equipment

A professional note taking company will send a note taker that provides all their own equipment and software. This includes laptop, notebook, foot pedal, typing software, templates (if needed) and recording equipment (if transcription services are also needed).

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