Podcast Transcriptionist – Fiel

August 20, 2012 Samantha

Meet Our Team – Fielding Hughes



Podcast Transcriptionist Fiel

Podcast Transcriptionist – Fiel

Fielding Hughes

Job Title:

Podcast and Video Transcriptionist.


Podcast transcription and Podcast Transcription


10 GCSEs grade C and above. English, Drama and History A Levels, Pitman Secretarial Training.


I have 5 years experience as a transcriptionist, specializing in podcasts.


Internet, Television & Table Tennis.

Why did you decide to join Transcription City?

I love to travel and working for a company like Transcription City means I can work remotely from anywhere in the world. When I’m abroad, I will often help out on overnight transcriptions – files sent late at night English time but needing to be completed for early morning. The hours, days and even weeks that I work are really flexible and this is perfect for my lifestyle.

What do you enjoy about working for Transcription City?

As stated before, I love the freedom and flexibility I get in working for Transcription City. There are no office politics: as long as I keep doing a good job, I will always get more work and the director, proofreaders and other typists are always friendly. Also, transcribing podcasts means I get to learn about so many different and interesting topics. Every day is different and so is every file.
What are the main benefits for Transcription City clients?

In the work that I take on, I would say that one of the main benefits would be optimization. Having podcasts and videos transcribed and put on the internet means you can use the text for optimizing (as the search engines don’t recognize audio and video – only text). Also, I’d say for other clients who have confidential audio and video they need typed out, a main benefit that I provide would be a quick and reliable turnaround at even the most unsocial of hours.

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