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Live Transcription Services for Meetings

During meetings, it is important to use an accurate method to capture all areas of discussion. Having a true record means there is little room for argument over what was covered.
There are two main methods of live transcription, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here, we will explore each method in transcription services, realtime transcription services

Stenography and Real time Transcription Services

Stenography is the act of recording spoken word through shorthand using a stenotype machine. A means of recording verbatim speech, a standard stenotype machine utilises 22 keys to key out words, sounds, phrases and coded numbers. These ‘shortcuts’ enable the user to accurately record even the most heated debates or fast-paced conversations. Modern-day machines are often linked straight to a laptop, generating real-time transcription. In other settings, stenography is used prolifically in court cases.

Advantages of Stenography and Real time Transcription Services

A key advantage of stenography is the user can record discussion much quicker than with a standard keyboard. The user can record significant additional detail with ease, even down to speaker expression and reaction. A process called ‘chording’ allows for multiple keys to be hit at once, assisting the recording of often rapid-paced conversation. A user can record conversation in context and is able to reproduce up to 300 words per minute.

Disadvantages of Stenography and Real time Transcription Services

Stenotype machines are very expensive. With the use of voice recognition increasing, the art of stenography is considered to be on the decline. This has a knock-on effect in terms of cost, as stenographers are in short supply and can command significant pay. The training required, alongside the costs involved, mean becoming a real-time stenographer requires significant effort and patience.

What is Voice Recognition Software?

Voice recognition is a computer software programme or hardware device with the capability to decode the human voice. Once ‘trained’ by humans, such programmes are designed to identify speech and subsequently interpret and convert it to text. In order to operate voice recognition in a meetin, a computer with a sound card and a microphone or headset is essential. Away from the boardroom, voice recognition is used in a variety of areas; automated telephone systems, car Bluetooth, Siri and Google Voice.

Advantages of Voice Recognition Software

Voice recognition is used across a broad range of industries and is more easily accessible, plus the costs are significantly lower than stenography. Whilst speaker-dependant systems require a user to ‘train’ the programme to recognise particular voices, speaker independent systems can recognise a range of voices without the need for prior training. A range of systems are available, catering for a variety of identification requirements and rates of speech.

Disadvantages of Voice Recognition Software

The main issue surrounding the use of voice recognition software is its inability to convey context or meaning. Audio is recorded in waveform, broken down and then compared against a database of sounds, but output is limited due to the fact everyone speaks in different ways. In some voice recognition programmes, a certain level of input may be required by the user prior to use, in order to equip the software with adequate knowledge to perform its tasks. This can be time-consuming and a drain on resources.

The Best Option for Live Transcription Services

Evidently, both methods of live transcription come with positives and negatives. Whist technology is constantly evolving and improving, there is a danger that voice recognition systems simply cannot match the accuracy and diversity stenography can offer.
Whatever your needs, Transcription City has a wealth of experience and a team of dedicated transcriptionists on hand to assist you to record meetings, conferences and more for your organisation.
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