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Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription Services

Interview transcription is one of the most effective ways to get important information from an audio file into a written document.

Interview Transcription Services
Interview Transcription

Once your interview is in document form, it is often easier to gather relevant information and skip to the important parts of the interview that are most relevant for your research.
Here are some important ways that interview transcription can be used in different industries:
Legal Interview Transcription and PACE Interview Transcription. Legal interview and PACE interview transcripts are often used as a reference from interrogation recordings in court cases or legal proceedings. Having an accurate, verbatim legal transcript makes it easy to highlight and reference relevant parts an interview quickly and easily; especially if the interview is also time coded or time stamped.
Medical Interview Transcription. Medical interviews or dictations can be transcribed and used as a point of reference for research purposes, as an aid to learning for medical students or simply used as medical patient notes. Medical transcription requires specialist training as there are many different areas of medicine, as well as new drugs, treatments and conditions that must be fully researched for an accurate transcript. Medical transcripts are often typed in an intelligent verbatim style for ease of reading and quick reference.
Media Interview Transcription. Media interviews transcripts include television, radio, online, newspaper and magazine interviews. These interviews are usually typed using intelligent verbatim and sometimes are lightly edited for ease of reading.
Academic Interview Transcription. Academic interview transcripts are often used as part of a student’s dissertation or thesis (with parts of the interview referenced) and this type of transcription can be great for research and learning. Depending on the student’s area of study, academic interviews can be written in an intelligent verbatim, verbatim or even edited transcript style. Many students will also request additional services such as light editing, data entry and proofreading for their dissertations.

Interview Transcription

As you can see, interview transcription comes in many different forms and has a number of different uses. Interview transcripts can save the time and hassle of referencing and organising important information from interviews.
If you would like more information about our interview transcription services or you would like to receive a quote, please contact us at any time. We are always happy to help and can even offer you a free, no obligation five minute transcript so that you can check that you are happy with the standard of our work before you agree to sumbit any audio for transcription.

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