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How To Lower The Cost Of Your Transcripts

Transcription City Guide to Transcription Rates

Not all transcripts are created equal; they come in many different styles and formats and this can have a big effect on the price you pay for your transcription service. So, to help you understand some of the things that can affect the price of your transcripts, we thought we’d go through some of the most common reasons that a transcript might cost you more and tips to help to reduce the costs of your transcripts.

Transcription of Low Quality Audio and Video Files

Low quality audio and video files are the number one way to increase the price of your transcription service. Not only this, low quality audio and video files will also affect the quality of your completed transcript. So it is well worth bearing this in mind when making recordings for transcription. Below is a check list to ensure that your recordings are as good as possible:
Make you make your recording in quiet surroundings without interruptions.
Be sure to use the proper recording equipment, depending on number of participants etc.
Keep cross talking, interjection and over speaking to a minimum.

Transcription from Hard Copies

All hard copies have to be converted to digital files before transcribing. This will affect the price of your transcript. If you would like to learn how to convert your own files to digital, we have a range of helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

Technical Transcripts

If you’re recordings contain technical or specialist content, be sure to let your transcription company know beforehand so that they can allocate your files to a typist with the relevant skills and knowledge to do a good job. It is also worth providing a list of names for people, products, companies or relevant websites to help the transcriptionist do any research that may be needed.

Transcribing Accents

It is well worth letting your chosen transcription company know if your files contain accents, as this allows them to allocate the files to a typist who is familiar with that particular dialect and can catch everything that has been said.

Fast Turnarounds for your Transcripts

If you have files that need a fast turnaround, it is always best to let your chosen transcription company know in advance as to when to expect the file, the length of the file and the required turnaround time. This way they have plenty of time to arrange for a typist to be available and split any longer files between typists if needed.

Verbatim, Discourse Analysis, Time-codes and Visual Descriptions

Transcription styles such as verbatim, discourse analysis, time codes and time codes with visual descriptions will take the typist extra time to type, so do increase the costs. If in doubt, please discuss your requirements with your chosen transcription company so that they can provide the best options to suit your needs and ensure that you don’t waste money on a transcription style that you don’t require.
If you would like more information about how to reduce the cost of your transcripts or you need help deciding between transcription styles, why not get in touch?

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