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We understand the importance of finding the right transcription company for your transcripts. For that reason we offer a free, no obligation 5 minute free trial of our transcription services. This is for all new clients. We offer this for both video and audio files and for a range of transcription styles.

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All we ask is that you complete the form below. From there you will be redirected to upload your files. When on the upload page, please also include any specific instructions regarding layouts, formatting or identification of speakers in the comment box provided.

For a quick reference, transcription styles are as follows. Please note the free trial includes a sample using one style of your choice:

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

A transcription style which excludes conversational fillers such “um”, “erm”, “you know”. It leaves out excessive repetitions, false starts. Basically, any redundant dialogue that doesn’t add or detract from the meaning of the transcript.

Edited Transcription

A transcription style similar to intelligent verbatim transcription, but grammar, punctuation and syntax is also amended to ensure that the transcript is easy to read and understand.

Verbatim Transcription

A transcription style where every utterance is transcribed by the typist. This includes conversational fillers such as “erm”, “you know”, “um”, all repetitions and false starts are also indicated within the transcript.

Discourse Analysis

A transcription style similar to verbatim transcription, but also includes additional information such as tone of voice (high tone, low tone), pitch of voice (high pitch, low pitch), length of pauses short, medium, long, along with any other descriptions regarding the way in which the dialogue was spoken.

Time Coded Transcription

Time coded transcription can be transcribed using any of the styles above. However, a time coded transcript will contain detailed time stamps at 1 minute intervals (we are able to include pre specified or more regular time codes for paying clients).

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