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Foreign Language Transcription Services

Here at Transcription City, we provide fast, accurate and reliable transcription services to a wide range of industries and sectors using highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists. We are now proud to announce that we are now offering the same expert transcription services in variety of languages.
If you want to find out more about our new and exciting foreign language transcription services, then read on!

Foreign Language Transcription Services
We provide foreign language translations for everyone!

Foreign Language Transcription Services

Our foreign language transcription services will allow you to have your video and audio files transcribed no matter what language they are in. As with our English language transcription services, we offer a variety of transcript templates, transcription styles and transcription turnarounds. We also maintain the same high level of accuracy, confidentiality and adherence to deadlines. Our foreign language transcription services can be both source to source (e.g. Spanish to Spanish) or source to translation (e.g. German to English or Italian to Greek).

Foreign Language Transcription/Translation Services

As well as offering source to source transcription services, we also offer foreign language transcription/translation services. This involves a translator who is able to simultaneously transcribe and translate your audio or video files into the language of your choice. This is a great translation service option for client who require sound or video files to be translated as quickly and cost effectively as possible, as this form of translation can work out considerably cheaper than the more accurate method of source to source transcription, followed by document translation.

Foreign Language Transcription and Document (Transcript) Translation Services

Although direct translation/transcription is a cheaper option than full transcription followed by document (or transcript) translation, having your audio or video files transcribed directly into the source language and then translated is the single most accurate method of translating audio and video files. This method is highly recommended for superior precision and accuracy and is essential if creating foreign language subtitles or foreign language captions.

The Translation Process

Firstly we will instruct one of our highly experienced transcriptionists to transcribe your file in the source language, this transcript will then be proofread.
Next, we will pass the proofread transcript on to a highly experienced and capable translator or linguist (selected for both their suitability for your project and their language skills). They will translate the document into their mother tongue language.
Finally, the translation will be separately proofread before passing on to you for approval.
If you would like to know more about our foreign language transcription services, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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