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Direct Translation Vs Transcription/Translation Services PART 1

For foreign language video and audio transcription services and translations, the translation process is not always as straightforward as traditional document translations, and there are a few options available. In order to know which language translation method is best for you, it’s important to consider the differences in process, cost, accuracy, timescale, future implications on editing and the finished products. So below is a rundown of all you need to know about video translation and audio translation services.

transcription services and translation services
Expert transcription services and translation services

The Different Options Transcription and Translation

Transcription Services with Separate Translation

This route involves transcribing your foreign video in the source language, and then translating from the written document. For example, watching a French video, using French transcription services, and then French to English document translation for the finished product.

Direct Translation Services

The option of direct audio/video translation involves a linguist listening to your media and translating directly into the target language, for example, watching a French video and typing out what is said directly into an English document.

Accuracy – Transcription/Translation or Direct Translation

Transcription with Separate Translation

Using foreign transcription for your source language followed by document translation for your target language is without a doubt the most accurate method for translating your videos and audio files. A transcriptionist will type out what is said in their language and then a skilled, experienced and qualified linguist will translate that document into your target language, for example, German to English. With all the words on the page to work with, it’s far easier to cover everything that has been said without missing anything.

Direct Translation

With direct translation, accuracy levels tend to be slightly lower. With only one linguist working on your translation working with your video or audio, it’s easier for odd words to be missed. Just think, of the difference between writing minutes from a recorded meeting or using written notes to summaries a meeting. Having a written document for reference is always the best method towards the most accurate writing, or indeed, translation.

Cost – Transcription/Translation or Direction Translation

Transcription with Separate Translation

Foreign transcription/translation is charged firstly on a pay a per audio/video minute rate for transcription and then a per word rate for translation. This video translation service tends to be the more expensive option for translations but this can depend on the density of words spoken in your video or audio file. The translation rate is always the higher cost part of the this process, but is highly variable due to the per word charging structure. For example, if you require Italian video translation services, and your video includes frequent silences, music or onscreen text with no spoken word, costs can actually drop significantly.

Direct Translation

Direct translation is almost always the cheaper method for translating foreign video or audio, where a per audio/video minute rate is charged for your project, though sometimes the price difference between this method and transcription/translation be almost negligible if there is a low frequency of spoken word in your files.
So there you have it. In part two we will look at more of the pros and cons of direct translation services, versus transcription services, followed by transcript translations. If you would like to know more about our transcription services, translation services, captioning services, foreign language subtitling services or typing services, why not get in touch today? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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