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Data Entry and Why it’s Best to Stay Local

Here at Transcription City, we pride ourselves on providing fast, accurate data entry services for our clients. Many companies nowadays are choosing to outsource data entry work to foreign countries to save money, but we believe the quality of our service proves it’s best to stay local. Here is some key information on Transcription City data entry services so you can make your choice wisely, and hopefully decide to stay local!

Data Entry
Data Entry

We are happy to accept work for data entry via courier, post or email, whichever method suits the client and the format of the data best.
We can work with you to meet your needs, typing your data into Microsoft Access, Excel for universal ease of reading and collating. We will work with whichever formatting guidelines you request for data entry services and are happy to work from templates provided.
Our charges are based on per line pricing, with per line taking into account how many fields or cells need to be completed. We will also take into consideration the data to be entered into each field, for example, a tick-box answer in a given field may merit a smaller fee than an address.
If working from a PDF or hard copy that features handwriting and a word is illegible, or working from audio and a word is inaudible, we will do our best to decipher that word and highlight it for checking. Bringing attention to any words which may be even slightly different to original copy can make all the difference in providing accurate and useable data in spreadsheets and databases. We can also look to confirm postcodes against addresses to check for accuracy if required (for a small extra fee) as we understand the importance of detail in data entry work.
We are able to adhere to strict guidelines for data entry and will always have your spreadsheet or database back to you within the agreed time frame.
Our data entry services are undertaken with a common sense approach. By this, we mean if a telephone number, for instance, is a digit short on the hard copy, digital document or audio we work from then we will highlight this fact so it can be investigated and amended later on. We will also make common sense adjustments to email addresses for clients, for example, correcting omissions of the ‘@’ sign in an email address, or writing ‘’ where a field may appear to say ‘’ This common sense approach can be a crucial aspect that is missing when outsourcing work abroad for a cheaper price and we pride ourselves on always taking a thoughtful, sensical approach to whatever we type.
If you have any questions or queries regarding our data entry, typing or transcription services, please feel free to contact us at any time via email on info, instant message or give us a call on 02088168557. We look forward to hearing from you.


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