Copy Writing Services

Keeping your website up to date with relevant and exciting content can become a chore, especially if you are busy running your business, which is why we offer our clients the very best in professional copy writing services. It cannot be denied that making the effort to produce regular blog posts, articles and even ebooks written with informative, entertaining and well researched content is not only a great way to gain new readers, but it can also help you to build the right reputation and establish you and your company as a trusted expert in your field. Carefully created content, that is regularly maintained is also regarded as having one of the most powerful influences on your SEO results. So whether you are a small start up business, a sole trader or large corporation, quality content should always be top of the list when it comes to your marketing strategy. Unfortunately finding the time to plan, research and write all this great content isn’t always that easy, especially when you’ve got a business to run!

Don't suffer with writers block!
Don’t suffer with writers block!

This is why Transcription City offers professional copy writing services using professional, reliable and experienced copy writers, who can draw their experience and knowledge from a variety of fields to produce well written, thoroughly researched, relevant copy from scratch, written in a style and tone that suits your or your companies’ individual persona. We are also able to produce work that seamlessly includes your chosen keywords, to ensure that your blogs and articles pack a powerful punch when it comes to SEO.

At Transcription City, we have a specialist team of Copy Writers for all your Copy Writing needs. Writing good copy is essential, whatever your line of businesses may be and can mean the difference between success and failure. Our specialist copy writing services are undertaken by writers and editors who have several years experience in this a range industries and with your guidance, we can write flawless copy for all your requirements.

Copy Writing Services

We only use highly experienced writers to produce original, word counted articles and blogs that are accurate, useful to your readers and written to according your specifications:

Blog Writing Services

We offer blog writing services to both inform your readers and to boost your search engine results. We are happy to post across all of your social media platforms and your website or blog to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition and provide entertaining, cutting edge and relevant information for your readers. We recommend a weekly or twice weekly service in order to keep you on top with readers coming back time and again for more!

Article Writing Services

The power of writing articles is as strong as ever! Not only is article writing important for reaching an audience that might not have discovered your website or business, it also is a great opportunity to establish your business as an industry leader.

Writing for Leaflets

Offline marketing is still a great way to connect with people who are local to your area. For example, maybe you’ve opened a new restaurant in town and want us to design and write interesting promotional information to go with you new menu alongside. Or maybe you work the local church or community centre and want people to know about activities, charities or events. Whatever your reasons for wanting to distribute leaflets, we’ll make sure they captivate and inform whoever reads them!

Email Writing Services

Do you find yourself drawing a blank when it comes to writing professional emails? We have two great options when it comes to our email writing services, so look no further! We are happy to provide you with a virtual assistant who will answer all your email enquiries on a daily basis, or we can provide a bespoke email template writing service, that can be modified and used as a reply to your most used queries.

Letter Writing Services

Need to write a letter but not sure where to start? We’re here to help, simply let us know what you want to say and provide us with any relevant information and we will compose a professional letter, in whatever style required. We are also happy to amend, copy edit or proofread your existing letters to ensure an appropriate tone and style is used, or to simply provide you with constructive feedback.

Writing for Brochures

Brochures are a great way to ensure that your customers or clients know about the products or services you offer. A well written brochure that is both informative, accurate and entertaining will go a long way to both attract new business and keep you ahead of the competition.

Business Cards

Although you may not realise it, having a well written business card can make all the difference when it comes to your business. We are able to produce tag lines, proofread your details and provide a clean layout for your business cards, making them easy to read and you easy to contact.

News Letters

Writing a weekly or monthly newsletter helps to keep people informed about what’s happening with your business, but can be time consuming. Just leave it to our writers to create the perfect storm of informative, promotional and entertaining copy to ensure that your readers can’t wait for the next issue.

Press Release Writing

Composing a press release can be a daunting task; you must ensure that the layout is right, come up with an attention grabbing headline and an eye popping tagline and that’s before you even start with the actual content! Our writers can transform your business and help attract media attention by adding a touch of sparkle and mystery to the mundane. Just let us know your news and we’ll do the rest.

Social Media Writing

Fed up with with Facebook? Tired of Twitter? It can be hard to keep up with all the different social media platforms that need to be created and then updated on a regular basis in order to keep your business ahead of the competition in the search engines. Why not relax and hand it over to us? We are able to regularly update your social media sites with interesting copy and are also happy to post pictures if needed.

Micro Blogging Services

Microblogging or micro posting needs to be constantly updated to be effective and this can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you have a business to run. Our writers can help by posting entertaining microblogs, pictures or videos.

Writing Posts

Got more than one blog or post that needs maintaining? Maybe you run a number of blogs aimed at different aspects of your business? One for your customers and clients and another for your employees. We can research, compose and post technical or entertaining posts using writers with experience in your industry. Simply let us know who your blogs are aimed at and we’ll produce copy that is tailor made for your target audience.

Copy writing, editing and proofreading for Ebooks

As well as our complete Ebook formatting services, we also provide Copy writing, editing and proofreading for EBooks. Many people have a great story or a wealth of knowledge that would make great reading, but either find it hard to articulate what they want to say or simply don’t have the time to write. Our writers can produce Ebooks from dictations, articles, documents and any other information you may have to ghost write the book you’ve always known you have in you. We also provide copy editing services and proofreading services to existing manuscripts that aren’t quite there, or just need a quick polish.

Writing for Websites and Webpages

Whether you are starting a new website or need to update your existing website, it can be hard to come up with new webpages. We are able to create pages that make you or your company stand head and shoulders above the competition, not only with great writing, but with great ideas. We can work with you or alone to ensure that everything is covered, all information is correct and that the style and tone suits your personality. Simply provide us with any relevant information and we’ll do the rest.

Essay Writing

Our academic writers provide a bespoke essay writing service that covers a wide range of topics and specialist subjects. We will provide you with a degree educated, experienced writer in your chosen subject.

Copy Writing for Marketing Purposes

Copy Writing for advertising or marketing must have the correct style and tone to be effective. Simply provide us with information about your product or service and our writers can come up with marketing copy to blow your socks off (and attract plenty of new business in the process).

Our team of experienced copy writers can produce regular 400 word blog posts that include keywords relevant to your SEO efforts. We can help you establish yourself and your business as experts in your industry by writing original, informative articles, designed to both educate and entertain your readers. Not only can we compose your blogs from scratch, we can also produce posts from dictations, interviews or videos. We can also compose original copy for webpages including product and sales pages.

Our prices start at just £40 per blog post!

If you need an experienced copy writing service, why not contact us today to discuss your needs? We’re always happy to help.

With us you can rest assured that there won’t be any typo’s or grammatical errors. Just instruct us on the content you want and we can take care of the rest.

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