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Transcription City has a team of experienced and qualified proof-readers and copy editors who can help you with copy editing services that have optimum clarity, precision, flow and accuracy.

You may not realise it, but practically every publication on sale has been thoroughly edited, proofread and even sometimes partially rewritten numerous times before going to print. Whether you are a professional writer, business owner, student or just starting out, copy editing services can really improve the quality, clarity and readability of your work.

Copy Editing Services

Our copy editing services are designed with your needs in mind and we consider each project we take on to be unique. Once you have sent us your copy, we will tailor make our services to fit your needs. If we see any additional improvements that need to be made, we will make you aware of them so that you can review and make additional amendments and changes as you so wish. We will send you two copies of your work: one final and one with tracked changes so that you can see exactly what amendments have been made.

We keep changes consistent with the author’s style or the house style needed for the particular type of work. For instance, a dissertation will be very formal whereas a speech might be slightly more informal.

Copy editing can cover a number of different aspects and can also be combined with proofreading for maximum impact.

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Copy Editing Services

Layout and Formatting

We can provide you with a range of different layouts and formats to suit your requirements.

Editing Syntax and Structure

This can help to add clarity and flow to your documents. This will help to engage your readers and convey your message.

Editing out repetition, condensing and removing redundant paragraphs or sentences

It can be easy to repeat yourself in a document, but this can bore your readers. We can help you keep to the point and captivate your readers from start to finish!

Editing for consistency between past and present tense

Although this is something that often affects new writers, jumping between past and present tense is a common mistake that can ruin an otherwise great piece of copy.

Light rewriting

We are able to provide light rewriting alongside your copy editing for short sentences and paragraphs or brief introductions.

Research, reference and fact checking

Making sure that your content is up to date and accurate is essential for your credibility. All  references should be fully checked before you write your final draft. This is obviously provided that the information is available on the internet. And that we have access to all the relevant archives needed.

Editing and creation of headers, footers and page numbers

These can make a big impression on the overall presentation of your document. Page numbers are essential for navigation (unless of course, you are writing an EBook).

We also provide services such as simply reading through you work and providing constructive criticism via a crib sheet of recommended changes. This can be invaluable both for present and future work, as most people will often keep making the same mistakes unless they are made aware of them. We can also offer specialist editing and formatting layouts for web pages, blogs, articles, essays, dissertations, theses and books.

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