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The Best Things About Transcription Services

In business today, sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough time, money or people around to get the job done. If you are thinking of outsourcing your transcription work to an online company, whatever the reason, but are undecided on whether or not it’s a good idea, there are a few things you might like to know first.

Online transcription services
Online Transcription Services

Transcription Means Cost Savings

Employing full time or even temporary staff to take on transcription work can be costly. Not only will you need to include holiday pay, sickness pay, and possibly other benefits too, but if it turns out your staff are twiddling their thumbs all day or making endless cups of tea whilst nattering about the company choice of biscuits, you’re still paying them to do it! With an online transcriptionist typing your audio, video or dictation, you don’t need to worry about extra payments or time off owed. You only pay for work done, so productivity is always high, and always value for money is always good too.

Transcription and Reliability

Employees can call in sick. You may only have one or two employees who are able to touch type, or transcribe at all for you, and if that member of staff is away, what do you do? Transcription City has hundreds of qualified, experienced, specialised and reliable typists on book, ready to take on your work so you can rest easy knowing we’re always around to help.

Online Transcription Services and Availability

Staff in the real world generally work nine to five. So what happens if you have something that comes in at 4:30pm, but needs to be back for 9am the next morning? If an hour isn’t enough time to get your transcription done, you can outsource to a transcription company that runs a 24 hour service. At Transcription City, we have typists from around the world, in many different time zones, as well as secretaries in the UK that work evenings at home to service your transcription needs day and night.

Online Transcription Services and Locality

Say you’re on the train ready to see a client and you suddenly remember you forgot to make a start on getting that audio typed out. If you use online transcription services, we can accept your audio and video files to type from your tablet, iPhone, Smartphone or android. You can give us a link to download your files, you can upload them via our website, or share them via DropBox or another online FTP. Wherever you are, Transcription City is there to help you.
If you’re interested in using transcription services but are unsure about how the process works, exactly what we can offer and what benefits you might get from it, drop us an email at and we can answer any and all queries you have.

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