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Bespoke transcription services

Fast Transcription Services

If you are pushed for time and do not want to spend time uploading work to our transcription services, we have a number of bespoke transcription serviecs for you to choose from.

Fast Transcription Services
Bespoke Transcription Services
  • Real time transcription services. Some clients prefer to dictate to a secretary in real time. Having your very own live online secretary can be arranged in advance for clients who wish to record their dictations over the telephone or via online video connection such as Skype. Having a secretary available in real time has the advantage of providing clients with a faster turnaround time. It also means that you can easily get to know and train’ your secretary to get to know your specific client requirements and preferences very quickly.


  • Call and Record. Some clients prefer the convenience of being able to record their dictations over the telephone. Through prior arrangement, Transcription City clients are able to record their dictations over the telephone. Simply let us know your required turnaround and the style of transcript you would like and we can provide you with a telephone number that you can call to record your dictations at any time. This is also a great option for clients who do not have a Dictaphone.


  • Four hour turnaround. We can provide turnaround times starting from as little as four hours! All that is required is for you to leave a message with your required turnaround time and your telephone number when you upload your video or audio files to us.


  • Dictamus (for Regular clients). Dictamus is an app that is available for mobile devices. Once downloaded, you are able to dictate and upload your sound files directly to one of our transcriptionists. This means that you no longer need to transfer your files to your computer to upload them for transcription.


  • You Tube videos and Podcasts. If you wish to use our transcription services for your YouTube videos, podcasts or any other online media, all that you have to do is provide us with the link and we can get to work immediately. This saves the hassle of having to upload your videos to us. We can also provide time codes and captions if this is something you require. Don’t forget, having transcripts of your online media such as video and podcasts is an excellent tool for optimisation and can help you to reach a wider audience, such as those who are hard of hearing.


  • Desktop app (for regular clients). Regular clients have the option of downloading our desktop app. This means that all work can be uploaded, downloaded and shared directly from your desktop. It also means that you are able to arrange your own files, exactly how you want them.

If you would like more information about our express transcription services or would like to know about some of the different options we have available to clients who are pushed for time, we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email, give us a call or view us on our YouTube channel. We look forward to connecting with you!

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