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5 Good Reasons To Use Online Transcription Services

Many professionals would benefit from using online transcription services, from journalists to video production companies, students, medical and legal professionals. Online transcription provides a great (and cost effective) alternative to getting audio or video files typed up in-house and will also save you time to do other tasks, if you have had to transcribe them yourself.

Online transcription services are great
Spend time the way you want to while we take care of your work.

Expert Transcription Services In One Place

Provided you do your research and select the right transcription company, one of the best things about using an online transcription service is that it is easy to find a specialist in your industry. Our transcriptionists are experienced professionals, and we can match you with the right online secretary depending on your needs and requirements. This helps ensure high levels of accuracy, and is also great if your company covers a few different specialties, as we’ve got it covered.

Online Transcription Services Are Cost Effective

The great thing about online transcription services is that you only pay for the work done and pay as you go. There are no contracts (although you can ask for discounts on monthly retainers). When compared with hiring an in-house member of staff, online transcription services work out considerably cheaper and mean you avoid the stress of finding cover for annual leave and sick days.

Online Transcription Services Save You Time

Whether you type your own transcripts or have your secretary do it, an online transcription company can save you time and allow you to concentrate on more important tasks. Using an online transcription company can help reduce the workload of your permanent staff and increase productivity.

Online Transcription Services Can Be Accessed From Anywhere

Weekends, evenings and holidays should be times to relax and enjoy time away from work. All too often you can find yourself working for hours on end, in your free time, in order to just finish typing up a project. What could be better than simply passing the work onto an expert while you relax and then taking the credit for working so hard.

Online Transcription Services Offer Faster Turnarounds

Online transcription services will usually offer a range of turnaround times for their clients. Urgent transcription projects of many hours, can often be turned much faster than using an in-house secretary, as they can be split between several online transcriptionists, all working on your files at once, meaning you are able to meet extremely tight deadlines; impressing your boss and staying ahead of your competitors.
So there you have it, five pretty awesome reasons to use an online transcription service!
If you would like more information about some of the many other advantages to using professional transcription services, why not get in touch? We have a range of transcript styles, transcription turnarounds and transcript layouts to choose from and will even provide you with a free five-minute sample transcription if needed. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

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