Website Localisation Services – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…already?

The Christmas season is nearly upon us and behind the scenes retailers started preparing for this months ago. Yes, that is where the phrase “Christmas in July” comes from, because that is when, unbeknown to us, the first orders are placed for that most profitable time of the year. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of our translation services, including website localisation and multilingual transcription services.translation services, mulitlingual transcription services, mulitlingual subtitling service, multilingual closed captioining services, transcription services open over christimas, video transcription services

Translation Services, Transcription Services and Website Localisation Services

In relation to translations this time of getting ready is also a busy one, because retailers are gearing up their websites for the festive season and in this global world this means not to rely on the computer translating them, but professional translators that also have knowledge of the sector that they are working in.

Translation Services and Multilingual Transcription Services Open Throughout the Holidays

A lot of people are choosing their Christmas presents from home, in front of their computer with a cup of tea in hand, rather than fighting their way through the crowds in town. Online Shopping is huge – and global. That means that the retailer’s websites often have to be working in several different languages. Translating product descriptions and tags, which are keywords related to the product, is something that can be complicated at times. Sometimes there are lots of words to describe an item in one language, but virtually none in another. But you need to ensure to have a variety of words in each language for the search engines to work. Tags sometimes have a character limit and so while ‘cufflinks’ is a nice and easy word in English, the word ‘Manschettenknöpfe’ in German is much longer and chunky. So while you can have tags such as ‘red cufflinks’ and ‘silver cufflinks’, the character limit on tags may not allow you for anything other than the plain cufflinks in German.

Expert Website Localisation and Translation Services

But it is also the knowledge of the sector you are working in when translating for the online shopping outlets at this time of year. A stocking filler in England, for example, is a stocking stuffer in Canada and there is no such thing altogether in Germany. But there is Nikolaus early in December instead, which is also known and celebrated in the Netherlands, so getting ready even earlier to catch potential shoppers is vital.
So therefore it is vocabulary, combined with sector-specific expertise and local knowledge that make a good translation. And it is not always texts or audios that get translated. It is also the vast amount of online shopping websites that use translators to attract buyers to their goods. And with it comes the dreaded Terms and Conditions, the shipping and payment options, all of which need translating too. All of this needs great accuracy and attention to details, so that they can be assured that their brand gets the right exposure.
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