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November 27, 2012 Samantha

Google Plus Hangouts

There are a number of different platforms that you can use for your video conferences. In this blog we are going to look at Google Plus Hangouts and some of the benefits it offers.

Google plus Hangouts are essentially video calls that can include up to nine participants all in one call. Google plus hangouts are free to use, simply sign up for a Google plus account and then invite whoever you would like to include in your call to also join. From here you can schedule a video call from anywhere in the world (provided they have internet connection). One of the advantages of these kinds of calls is that they can be automatically uploaded to your YouTube channel. This means that you can share information easily with whoever you want. You can even set your videos to private on YouTube, if you want to make your video conference available to a select few.

As Google Plus Hangouts are for members of Google Plus, it means that any important information or promotions that you are doing via video can be easily shared, commented on and may even go viral! On the other hand, if you want to keep your information private, this is easily done too.

Finally, just to outline some of the benefits of using Google Plus Hangouts, I’ve made a short list below

As you can probably tell, Google Plus Hangouts are great for social media marketing, business meetings, keeping customers and clients informed about you or your business.

Allows you to connect and interact with people on a more personal level. People can get to know you and your business and establish trust.

Hangout On Air, lets you have an unlimited live audience. This can also be uploaded straight to YouTube (did we mention that we can help with video transcription).

It makes it easy to connect with clients, collegues or friends across the globe.

Google Plus Calls can be set to either private or public, depending on your needs.

Captions can be added to each caller. This is great for conferences, as it avoids people having to remember names.

It’s free.

Features – Here are just some of the features that Google Plus Hangouts can offer.

Integration with Google Docs (great for business meetings) and YouTube – if required.

Available on Android devices, iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Split Screen Options


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