The Importance of Fast Video Transcription Services

August 30, 2017 Samantha

When working with video, there are a variety of transcription services available to make your footage both presentable and accessible to a wider audience. Used widely across numerous business sectors, here at Transcription City we offer our expertise to assist you to produce video to your individual specification and style using our expert video transcription services.Video transcription services, transcription services

Video Transcription Services (an overview)

Why to get video rushes transcribed

Transcribing video rushes provides an accurately typed record of your videos, in whole or in individual parts, and can be produced in strict verbatim or intelligent verbatim, depending on your needs. Additionally, choosing to time code your footage will save valuable editing time; logging times provides a useful reference for when each piece of speech occurs. Alongside this, the inclusion of visual description helps to provide context to sections speech is minimal.

Why to get video rushes translated

We offer our transcription services in a range of other languages and this includes video. There are two options available: direct translation provides video rushes put directly into your chosen language, whilst the transcription and translation option provides transcripts in both the target language and the original source language.

Why to get video subtitled

Appearing in two-line captions on screen, subtitles provide a visual summary and are timed to be displayed in conjunction with video footage. The use of subtitles makes video accessible to viewers who are hard of hearing, therefore expanding to be inclusive of a far greater diverse target audience.

Why to get video captioned

Similar to subtitles, video captioning is another example of representing audio as text to viewers. Captions are timecoded and provide greater detailed description to include sounds outside of the main speech, therefore contextualising the video.

Using these types of transcription services is a vital way to improve your SEO on search engines, gaining higher rankings and increasing visibility to potential viewers. Transcription City transcribers work with a range of video formats. email or call today for video transcription services, video translation services, closed captioning services for video and video subtitling services.

For more information about video rushes visit this useful website.



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