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To augment our FAQ’s page, we thought we’d answer some of your questions and address some of the issues that you might come across from time to time, by adding a video tutorial page. Sometimes videos can be a little easier to understand when trying to learn something when compared to reading large amounts of instructions.

Hopefully you will find these videos useful when it comes to uploading your files to us, converting videos (which can save you some money) and other important points, such as how to record clear audio and video files that are perfect for transcription. You can also get to know our team a little better and learn about how we operate when it comes to keeping your files confidential.

We hope to add to these videos on a regular basis, so if you can think of anything virtual assistant or transcription related, feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to answer your queries through our video page.


How to upload your audio and video files for transcription

How to use and install our desktop app

How to convert your cassette tape recordings into a digital file.

How to conduct an effective interview or focus group for transcription

How to upload a transcript to YouTube

Our Transcription Services and Translations

How to Add Line Numbers to a Word Document

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