German Translation Services – Gifts from False Friends

November 26, 2017 Samantha

The area of translation can sometimes feel like running through an assault course, navigating all sorts of things with the goal of arriving at a sound, articulate and most of all accurate equivalent of the text or audio in the other language. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at German translation services and German transcription services.German Translation Services, German Transcription Services, German subtitling services, German typing services, German closed captioning services

German Translation Services

So after having to remember the bulk of basic vocabulary, you have to form and articulate sentences with the correct grammar. And then there are the false friends. Luckily these are some that don’t talk behind your back, but are equally tricky to deal with. False friends are words that sound or look similar, or even have an identical spelling, but which mean entirely different things in each language. Some examples? Being invited to the ‘Rathaus’ in Germany. You might be afraid to go into the rat house, thinking of an invasion of rodents running wild. But no, it is the Town Council Building. Although you never know what might be running around in its cellars or elsewhere. In your job you might be called to see the ‘Chef’ and no, please don’t think you are being cooked a delicious 3 course meal for being employee of the month, a ‘Chef’ in German means the ‘Boss’, so smarten up and off you go.

The Beauty of Professional German Translation Services

But there is also beauty in the language. Or not. A morning full of mythical mist is an artistic impression in your head, but beware, in German ‘Mist’ is a pile smelly manure, quite the opposite idea. Grr. And talking of artists, an ‘Artist’ in German is by all means very artistic, but you will not get pretty pictures from him, as he is actually an acrobat!

Finding the right words when someone’s loved one has passed on is a treacherous path in your own language, never mind having to translate it into another one. You might think that the German word ‘Unternehmer’ translates easily enough into ‘undertaker’, but that would mean that the business world would be full of undertakers and death being a big business. Luckily though it actually means ‘entrepreneur’. Phew. And oh, please think twice before you write your ‘deepest sympathy’ by translating that exactly as it is into German, as you would not show your heartfelt condolences, but your sincere admiration of the situation. Okay, tricky.

Professional (Human) German Translation Services

Leave the internet translation engine well alone and rather let the professionals steer the ship! That’s where they know to be both serious and ‘seriös’, seriously professional and respectable that is. Last but not least, be mindful of what you might accept. If someone offers you a gift, your alarm bells should be ringing loudly. Why, you say, you like presents? Yes, but a German ‘Gift’ is a poison, so that might just be a very false friend. Beware!

German Translation Services and German Transcription Services

For more information about any of our German translation services or German transcription services, please get in touch. We also provide subtitling services in German and Closed captioning in German. We provide translation services and transcription services in a variety of languages to suit your needs, budget and requirements.

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