Final Draft Screenwriting Services and Script Formatting Services

December 29, 2017 Samantha

As part of the ever-growing range of services offered at Transcription City, we are proud to be able to cater to your screenwriting needs. For the modern writer, screenwriting has never been easier thanks to the introduction of screenwriting software. Widely regarded as the number one software programme available to writers, Final Draft is used worldwide by highly respected production companies and major studios alike. Boasting over 100 templates for screenplays, stage plays and teleplays, the software can be used to produce virtaully any type of script imaginable, especially when combined with our script formatting services.

Let’s find out what Fnal Draft has to offer:

What makes Final Draft the number one choice for screenwriters?

Hailed as the most effective and reliable screenwriting software across the globe, Final Draft has the capability to paginate any script to entertainment industry standards. With the help of Final Draft and our script formatting services, scripts can be generated from other word processing programmes, often imported from Windows or Macintosh. In line with the increasing demand for access across a variety of devices, Final Draft also uses Final Draft Writer (R) in the form of an app for iPhone and iPad.

How will Transcription City utilise Final Draft to present my script?

The process is straightforward; clients can send their scripts to us via several means for our script formatting services

Manuscript and Script Formatting Services

Even if your script hasn’t yet made it to a computer screen, our typists can provide expert script formatting services or type your content directly to Final Draft and format any element of the script.

  • Email

If time is of the essence, why not send your script via Word for us to upload to the programme?

  • File transfer system

The most common form of file transfer, you can send your script via a secured and encrypted system, such as Dropbox.

What are some of the key features of Final Draft?

Adhering to industry standards of script formatting, Final Draft formats and paginates automatically. Usefully, vital page count requirements are also met. Our typists can also use the programme to check your script for errors prior to distribution to potential production companies.

Using the latest version, Final Draft 10 provides clever tools for editing within its user-friendly interface; these include collaboration tools, new outlining features, and story structuring. The story development features are by far the most superior on the market and the programme even allows scripts to be read back; there is scope to pick from numerous different voices for each of your characters.

Using this service provided by Transcription City, writers can submit their work in the fullest of confidence knowing that, not only it been reproduced with the highest quality screenwriting software, but that also our dedicated typists have proofread the end product prior to its return to our clients.

We hope this has provided an overview of what Final Draft has to offer. In upcoming blogs, we will explore some of the programme’s key features in closer detail.

If you would like to find out more about our script formatting services, or any of the transcription services, translation services or subtitling services Transcription City can offer, please get in touch via the website, telephone or email!

For more information on Final Draft, visit their website.



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