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It is an interesting and varied job transcribing audio and video files. It is exciting, because you never know what might come in next. It could be a business meeting where a new product is being discussed or a major new deal is pitched. Or it could be a the transcript of an interview of medical files, new trial treatments or a conference discussing an illness you may have never heard of. You listen and you learn new things. Read on to find out more about our professional transcription services.Professional Transcription Services for Video and Audio, German transcription services, German translation services, German subtitling servie

Professional Transcription Services for Video and Audio

And then there are the ones that stay with you a little bit longer. The ones that may tell a story that gets under your skin. The ones that really touch you. This week I had not one, but two of these. Of course, great care is taken with confidentiality and this is taken seriously when transcribing. But this week I transcribed a series of interviews of a young lady which had had an accident that left her with a severe disability. This will affect her for the rest of her life, but she has fought her way back into life. Her courageous termination on tackling life was simply awe-inspiring. The other job was a series of interviews as research into a sportsman that got tragically killed. This happened many, many years ago and the interviews were with people from the area that he grew up in. He died nearly 50 years ago, but the people that knew him then spoke so warm and loving about him. This particular sport has changed so much since then, hearing the old stories was so touching. Yet it was not so much the details of technicalities they discussed that got me, but it was the comradery amongst them that was glowing. They had gotten together to talk about the time back then. The warmth that they remembered him and the old times with was incredible.
In the Oscar-winning film “The Lives of Others” you find the East German State Security employee sitting for hours and hours in the loft above the flat of two actors who he is secretly surveilling. He is sitting there, day after day, with his head phones on, listening to the conversations and the life of the couple below him and he starts to get drawn in. It is moving to see how his attitude to his own life and his job is subtly changing by listening in. By hearing them. Transcribing jobs like these is the same. Although you never meet these people and they are totally unaware that you exist, their experiences become very close to you. They touch you. You may not be able to talk to others about this, but they stay with you. Because you listened. And you heard. And it moved you.

Professional Transcription Services in a Variety of Languages

Here at Transcription City, we provide transcription services for video and audio files in a variety of languages, including (but not limited to) German transcription services, Italian transcription services, Spanish transcription services and French transcription services. We also provide translation services in a huge range of languages as well as subtitling services and closed captioning services.

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