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Here at Transcription City, you will find that we can accept a vast range of different file types and formats. Just in case you would like to know more about what type of files we can transcribe and how you can send your files, we thought we’d write a blog to help clarify things for you.

Digital Audio Files for Transcription

Our favourite files are small ones! This is because they take up less space and so are much faster to upload and download, meaning less hassle for everyone and faster turnaround times. Files such as .mp3 and .wma are probably the smallest sound files and probably also the most widely used! However, don’t despair if your files have been recorded in a different format, we also accept .wav, .aiff, .ogg, .gsm, .flac, .au, .vox, .raw, .trm, .rm, .aac, ,atrac, .dss, .msv, .dvf and more!

Hard Copy Audio Files for Transcription

We are happy to accept hard copies of your audio for transcription. This includes cassette tapes, video cassette tapes, DVD’s, CD’s and USB Memory sticks. As these can’t be uploaded directly to our website, they will obviously have to be posted to us which will impact the turnaround time of your transcripts.

Digital Video Files for transcription

As well as accepting a wide range of files and formats for audio transcription, we also accept a wide variety of video formats. As mentioned earlier, the smaller the file, the easier it is to download and upload for transcription. Our preferred formats are small .mp4 formats, which we are happy for you to either upload directly to us, or to send us links for download such as YouTube, Vimeo or your own FTP server. We also accept .mov (Quicktime), .avi, .mpeg, .3gp, .asf, divx, .flv, .m4v, .mkv, .mpe, .mpg, .vob, .wmv and more!
As you can see, we accept a wide variety of video and audio files and formats for transcription!
If you have any questions about the types of files that we can accept for transcription or would simply like to know more about our transcription services, why not get in touch today via email, telephone or instant message? We have a team of experienced, efficient and friendly online secretaries who are happy to help you.

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